TUNE iN, a multi-media sketch comedy show, combined screwball action comedy, savvy political satire and commercial/television/film parodies, all choreographed to the manic pace of a typical male wielding a remote control. Performed at Caroline's On Broadway, this innovative project played to sold out audiences and continues to draw interest from potential producers and backers. Combining both live and filmed comedy pieces, Tune iN was directed by Tony Glazer who also co-created and co-wrote the show with the rest of the Tune iN cast. 

By: Christina Goodman

November 2000

“Sketch comedy fun with a bite” is the best way to describe the sketch comedy group TUNE iN, which played to a standing-room only house at Caroline’s On Broadway. Fast paced and hilarious, the group charged the stage and into their fifty minute set with a fevered intensity rarely seen in the sketch comedy circuit these days.

TUNE iN combines sketch comedy, political satire and television parodies, both live and filmed, in a manic paced, ferociously funny set. Although some of the sketches did not always land and a few members of the cast were not entirely up to task, the show rarely disappointed.

While the momentum of the show itself became a source of amusement, in the end it was director Tony Glazer’s perfect pacing and strong lead writing that kept the audience on their toes and rapt with laughter. If only sketch comedy shows on television would follow suit.

*Christina Goodman is a freelance writer and photographer living in New York. Previously at the Wall Street Journal, Christina now works for G & J Publishing.