Silver Screen Returns to Fort Lee With Filming of 'Junction'

Silver Screen Returns to Fort Lee With Filming of 'Junction'

Silver Screen Returns to Fort Lee With Filming of 'Junction'
The filming of 'Junction' continues through late nights and cold weather.
By Emily Lehecka | December 13, 2010


The normally quiet, residential streets of Fort Lee were all abuzz Friday night with police lights, camera crews and a crowd of actors dressed in police uniforms gripping hand warmers. Dec. 10 was an important outdoor shooting night for the film Junction, written and directed by Tony Glazer. Junction has been filming in Fort Lee since Nov. 17.

The film is a thriller, which follows four strung-out meth addicts who break into a house and discover dark, twisted secrets about the homeowner, which takes them on a gripping journey with a climactic ending. The film is being collaboratively produced by Choice Films, Movie Ranch Entertainment and Pâté Productions, Ltd.  Glazer previously directed a series of digital shorts as well as numerous theater productions in New York and Los Angeles. He authored the plays Stain and In the Daylight, both of which ran in New York.

On Friday, the SWAT scene finale was being shot outdoors with help from the Fort Lee Police Department, who graciously allowed Junction the use of several police vehicles, including a truck, an unmarked car and a motorcycle. Several officers were on site Friday to secure the location and keep an eye on their equipment. The set was a flurry of activity, and members of the Fort Lee Film Commission showed up to observe.

"The support of the community has been fabulous," Glazer's wife Summer Crockett Moore said.

Moore added that the town and the neighbors have been very cooperative and helpful even when the crew is still working at 5 a.m.

While Fort Lee might seem like an unexpected place for the film shoot, it is near and dear to Glazer's heart. Glazer and Crockett, who is also producing and acting in the film, live in New Jersey and have always considered it to be home. Fort Lee also has deep roots in the film industry dating back to the pre-Holywood, early 1900s.

 "People tend to have one idea of what New Jersey is like, but really, it's so diverse, with so many types of settings. I wanted it to feel like it could be set anywhere, in any town so it made sense for the film to be here," Glazer commented on set.

Even with all the hustle and bustle Friday night and light snow flurries, everything on set was operating smoothly. People seemed genuinely excited to be involved, whether they were playing one of the lead roles or just playing an EMT in a single scene. The entire crew operated as a family, and many people have been juggling multiple roles toward the film's completion.

Glazer noted that plenty of passersby have been interested in the action they've seen taking place on their little side street, Jassamine Way. Locals have been taking notice and want to know when they can see the film, he said.  

If all goes well, Junction is likely to be released sometime in April 2012 after completing the circuit at film festivals this coming fall. The film stars David Zayas, Michael O'Keefe, Neal Bledsoe, Tom Pelphrey and Anthony Rapp.