JUNCTION gets rave reviews!

JUNCTION gets rave reviews!


“A cleverly constructed hostage thriller… solid acting (there isn’t a weak performance in the bunch!)” – New York Times

“A quietly effective thriller with a few narrative tricks up its sleeve.” – Hollywood Reporter

“A thriller that will leave you not only guessing – but shocked!” – Movie Buzzers

“Driven by its powerful plot, the beauty of the film is also seeing these characters develop and reveal layers of themselves that expose the reality of human nature.” --- My City Everyday

“Junction is one of those low-budget American indies that has everything going for it … this film will take you to totally unexpected places!” – Larry Richman, Fort Lauderdale Int’l Film Festival

“Executing a tonal shift that might challenge a more seasoned director (this is his first film), Mr. Glazer provides carefully choreographed action and violence that’s both credible and divorced from sadism.” – New York Times

"Junction is an exceptional, exciting, intense character-driven thriller … but is about so much more." - Pop Culture Beast

"JUNCTION is an absolute winner. An edge of your seat thriller with a great cast and wonderful writing. This is a must see!" -- Scared Stiff Reviews

"An exceptionally well made film." - InFlux Magazine

"Junction mixes equal parts morbid humor and nail-biting suspense with a plot that keeps heading up unexpected pathways and getting more and more intense as it goes along." -- HK Film News

"Junction makes for a visceral viewing ... a smart engrossing thriller that slowly careens into its real-life-like ending. Bravo." -- Blunt Review

"The writing is fantastic. The performances are all top notch. A Must See!" -- DVD Verdict

"This is a totally intense film with excellent performances by the entire cast. Everyone has depth which makes this film not your average thriller." - Pop Culture Beast

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